Sensory Hurricane Kit

Living in the Tampa Bay, Florida area means we have to prepare for the 5-months of hurricane season.  We have all kinds of systems for preparing our homes for severe weather, stocking up on food and water, and establishing safe spaces to shelter.  When storms approach, there is a graded

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OT student looking at the earth with client

OT Student Reflections

Student Reflections at Treeline from OT Student Sean Vercellone, St. Augustine University I have always enjoyed spending time in nature. It is a place where I feel safe and most like myself. This fact shaped my career path and led me to work at a summer camp for kids and

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tree climbing during Occupational therapy

7 Reasons Outdoor OT & Homeschool Are a Perfect Match

Childhood development is fascinating – no two children take the same course. We know you understand this as a homeschool parent. Even two children with the same parents are drastically different.  The strengths, needs, learning styles, and preferences of each of your children are unique. At Treeline Enrichment, we understand

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Nature-Inspired Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner and you might be reflecting about the best gifts to give!  Based on your requests, I put together a nature inspired gift guide with my Top 10 Nature-Inspired Gifts for 2020!

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Why we do occupational therapy in nature?

Why do we do occupational therapy in nature?  Because nature is inspiring, challenging, changing, and renewing.  Because the theories and research tell us that as humans, we are drawn to nature.  Because in the course of human history, the great outdoors has been our most valuable classroom.  And because, well,

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nature sensory experiences: hands in mud play

How Nature Supports All 8 Senses

Did you know that the way a body senses things internally and externally plays a huge role in creating a sense of self? The Lab of Action and Body at the University of London puts it this way:  “Awareness of one’s’ body is intimately linked to self-identity, the sense of

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Tips for E-Learning graphic

12 Tips for E-Learning

Whew – you have started the school year!  It has been months of roller coaster emotions, information (or lack thereof) and tough decisions.  Now that you know a bit more about your child’s schedule, teachers, expectations, and school day, we put together 12 tips for e-learning to help you and

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Finding Calm in the Chaos: Image if stressed parent

Finding Calm in the Chaos

Are you trying to find calm in the middle of chaos?  Life sure seems crazy these days. So much uncertainty and change wreaks havoc on our nerves. Whether you are in the middle of difficult school decisions, feeling disconnected from others or tired of being cooped up with your family

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stump circle

Tips for Outdoor Learning in the Florida Heat

School is scheduled to resume soon.  Covid-19 is still around.  Extra cleaning and safety precautions are being implemented.  And using outdoor learning spaces is strongly encouraged. But how do we teach outdoors … in Florida … in August?   It’s too hot.   It’s not practical to teach outside in August. These

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What is Occupational Therapy?

Have you been told that your child may need occupational therapy but you have no idea what that means? Sure you have heard of physical therapy and speech therapy, but occupational therapy seems like it relates to a job.  And you are thinking, my child is only 5, he doesn’t

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