Illness Policy and Procedures:

Please conduct a daily health check for your child(ren) prior to attending any program or service. This is done for the safety of your child and also for the other children in the program. Please also report any communicable disease or condition (i.e., COVID, conjunctivitis, head lice, chickenpox, etc.) to Treeline Enrichment so that we can alert other parents (if needed). 

Please keep your child home if they have any of the following conditions: 

  • Fever of 100+: (Must be feverfree for 24 hours before returning)
  • Diarrhea: More than one loose stool within a 24-hour period
  • Vomiting: Vomited in the past 24‐hours 
  • Hand Foot Mouth Disease: Children with drooling or runny nose and present mouth sores
  • Coughing with a runny nose and green mucus 
  • Rashes: (un‐identifiable or non‐typical rash) 
  • Pink‐eye (conjunctivitis): Redness of eyelid, swelling and/or discharge
  • Change of color of skin or eyes (may be signs of hepatitis) 
  • Lice or scabies: For head lice, children and staff may return after treatment and no nits; for scabies, return after treatment. 
  • Your child is diagnosed with Covid-19 or awaiting test results

Please call us at 863-271-4519 or call/text your provider/therapist directly to let us know about your child’s situation. 

Here are the guidelines we follow when a child appears ill: If a child arrives and exhibits possible symptoms of an illness, we will move the child away from others and have them sit or lie down quietly and rest. If a child continues to feel ill, we will call the parents. If parents cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called to pick the child up.

When a child exhibits symptoms of illness on site, the Treeline team will clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and shared materials to minimize exposure to other children.

Understanding of Risk

COVID-19 along with other viruses and illnesses are easily transmitted and do spread within our Florida community. Participants, families and staff understand that there is a potential risk of illness exposure in attending community programs such as ours and do so under their own free will and with understanding of the following policies and procedures. Treeline Enrichment, LLC, TimberNook West Central Florida, their staff or program site owners are not able to guarantee an environment free of COVID-19 or any other viruses, sickness or disease

Cancellation Policy:

Refer to the cancellation policy for details if you have to miss a program and session due to illness.