Outdoor Occupational Therapy for Kids


Partnering Together to Help Your Child Thrive

Located in Plant City, Florida

Treeline offers a unique approach to occupational therapy for kids!   OT sessions are held outdoors, where real life situations are available.  Outdoor play, like playgrounds or nature aren’t just about fresh air — it’s about practicing the important child skills of imagination, confidence, working with others, and coordination.   Whether your child spends their day in a classroom full of kids or learning at home, meaningful connections to oneself, others, and the environment are an important part of the human experience.  

Are you a parent that wants to collaborate and communicate with your child’s therapist regularly?

Do you have a child that needs support for sensory processing, motor coordination, or self regulation?

Does your family love the organic learning opportunities available in the outdoors?

Are you looking for a therapist that understands and supports their homeschool journey?

Then you are in the right place!  

Once upon a time, kids learned most of their skills in the outdoors but today it takes an intentional choice to get kids out in nature’s great classroom.

Parents who choose Treeline therapy services:
  • Value being outdoors
  • Seek OT for a child having challenges at home or school
  • Don’t mind a child who comes home a little dirty and tired
  • Love a therapy option that is so much fun it doesn’t feel like work

More than skills, it’s about how good a child feels afterwards – successful, happy, and fulfilled.

The Treeline Approach

Treeline Enrichment aims to be a neurodivergent affirming practice.   We are always learning and unlearning to serve individuals better.  We use identify-affirming language (i.e. autistic child) and not person-first language (child with autism) because we believe being neurodivergent is a part of a person’s identity. 

Our therapists use cues of safety, sensory supports, and relationship-based interventions to support children in sessions. We are not a setting that subscribes to compliance-based ABA principles and strategies.

We are a play-based setting that is motivated to work with your child’s strengths and in their unique areas of interests.  

Treeline values strong parent partnerships, regular communication, and therapy that is focused on very functional and meaningful objectives that the parent helps to write.  Parents are expected to be active partners in the therapy process.  

We say yes to the mess … every time.  At Treeline Enrichment, your child will leave therapy sessions a little (or a lot) dirty (or wet), sometimes stinky, and sometimes a little tired.  We will not ask your child to NOT play in the mud if they are interested, instead, we WILL play in the mud with them!

Treeline is an all-weather setting.  Therapy sessions take place in the heat, cold, rain, wind, and sun.  We shelter under the roof from thunderstorms and high winds only.  We embrace all of these weather variables as opportunities in the therapy process.

Exploring Pediatric Occupational Therapy That’s Different

Treeline is an intentionally small therapy practice with a small caseload.  Interventions and recommendations are driven by best practice and research, not the insurance system.  What can you expect when you dive into occupational therapy services for kids at Treeline? 

Therapy Sessions – Fun, nature-based interventions to support your child’s unique needs and guide them towards their goals.  Aligning with a homeschooling perspective, our therapy sessions promote skills like flexibility, curiosity and problem solving.  

Parent Meetings – It’s hard to have detailed conversations at the end of a session – when everyone is rushed and your child might be listening. However, ongoing communication is the thread that ties our work in the outdoors to better outcomes at home.  That’s why we prioritize parent meetings as the dedicated time to talk through challenges, answer your questions, and collaborate to develop solutions.  Alternatively, we use parent meetings to support anyone in your child’s life including: teachers, other family members, or other therapists.  

Home Programs Although the Treeline forest feels magical at times, what we are doing together is not magic.  It takes time and intention to help your child achieve their goals.   This is why we will carefully curate a home program for your family based on your child’s unique needs and goals.  This customized support makes carry over at home incredibly easy.   

Intervention Approaches – Our therapists reference a range of approaches, theories, and research to guide interventions and recommendations.  These include (but are not limited to): Sensory Integration Theory, DIR Floortime, Powerfully You Self-Regulation, The Interoception Curriculum, SOS Approach to Feeding, Integrated Listening Focus System, the Safe and Sound Protocol, Handwriting Without Tears, the Eco-Sensory Therapy approach, and the Zones of Regulation.

Partner with us to get your child started down the path of success.

How to Get Started

occupational therapy for kids

1.  Fill out a quick interest form + schedule an informational call to ensure Treeline is a good match for your family.

2. Complete an OT Evaluation, which includes a parent interview, questionnaires, in-person evaluation session, and a follow up parent meeting.

occupational therapy for kids

3.  Attend regularly scheduled occupational therapy sessions.  Individual sessions include parent meetings & home program support too.

Note: Outdoor occupational therapy for kids at Treeline is offered September to May.  In the state of Florida, an OT evaluation is required prior to initiating OT services, and a re-evaluation is due at a minimum every 12 months. 

Understanding the OT Evaluation Process

An occupational therapy evaluation lays the foundation for our work together to help your child be their best.  A Treeline pediatric OT evaluation is a a comprehensive assessment that provides advanced insight, customized recommendations, and professional perspectives to guide goals and priorities for interventions.  

A good evaluation is much more than a quick 60-minute session with a therapist.  It is a well-rounded view of your child from a variety of data points, interactions, and observations.   Treeline occupational therapy evaluations include: :

Review of Intake Paperwork & Previous Reports to understand your child’s background and unique story

Parent Interview to dive into your insights on the strengths, challenges, and concerns for your child

On-Site Evaluation Session to observe and assess your child’s skills, interests, and challenges so we can develop a therapy plan

Focused Time for your therapist to score, review, and interpret the assessment data

Parent Meeting to explain the evaluation scores, answer all of your questions, and ensure we are on the right path together

Parent Collaboration on Goal Development to make sure we target the areas that matter most to your family

Evaluation Report so you understand the findings, therapy plan and can share with other team members

occupational therapy for kids

Occupational Therapy for Kids Service Rates

Treeline occupational therapy is a fee-for-service provider.  We accept private pay, flexible spending accounts, and are a direct provider for the Family Empowerment Scholarship.   We do not work directly with your insurance company.  We will provide a paid-in-full superbill upon request for you to seek out-of-network insurance reimbursement.   Good Faith Estimates are available upon request and will be provided to all clients prior to their first session.

Individual OT Services

1-Hour Therapy Sessions
Regular Parent Meetings
Home Program Support
Rate: $140 per session

Small Group OT Services

2 Hour Group Session
Extra Small Group Size
Follow-up Communication
Rate: $120 per session

Standard Evaluation

Review of Intake
Online Questionnaires 
Parent Interview
90-Minute Session
Follow-up Parent Meeting
Evaluation Report
Rate: $500

Accessible to families across Central Florida including the Tampa Bay, Brandon, and Lakeland areas.

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