Time in Nature Makes All the Difference ...

Time in Nature Makes All the Difference ...

Whether your child is participating in forest play programs or outdoor therapy services, we’re glad to have you a part of the Treeline Enrichment community. 

It’s a place of growth, outdoor exploration, and beautiful connections.

The Missing Secret Ingredient to Happy, Successful Kids

You’re not alone if you feel like screen time and highly structured schedules are negatively impacting how kids grow up.  Treeline Enrichment grew out of the observation that kids were increasingly struggling physically, emotionally, and socially.  We noticed in today’s world:

  • Limited resources for kids who do great one-on-one but struggle in groups
  • Decreasing opportunities for kids to move, use their creativity, and learn through explorative play
  • Decreasing attention spans and an increasing need for kids to be constantly entertained

After doing the research, we discovered time outdoors is the missing ingredient for many children today!

We learned kids thrive when given opportunities for unrestricted outdoor play activities. Yes, the glorious natural spaces of trees, rocks, water, and dirt are the ideal backdrop for wonder, creativity, and learning. 

child smiling with hands in bubbles

In fact, outdoor experiences are essential for childhood development. Yet, the opportunities for unrestricted and safe, child-led play are disappearing! 

That’s why Treeline Enrichment was created.  

We exist to bring immersive forest play and outdoor therapy to children and their families in West Central Florida.

The 10 acres of land at Treeline Enrichment is the perfect space for our work with children. Once we leave the barn at the front of the property, endless adventures await whether that’s the exhilaration of a tree swing, working together to overcome obstacles on the trail, slowing down to care for plants and bugs, or sharing the thrill of a mud pit — we’re learning and having fun together.

And when things don’t go as planned, we encourage one another to try again or find another wayWhether working with kids one-on-one or in groups, we encourage:

  • Learning through real social interactions with real emotions
  • Fun in nature so trying new things feels less frustrating 
  • Self-directed play and quiet time
  • Opportunities for outdoor sensory experiences
  • Physical play to increase strength, confidence, and emotional regulation
Group of kids smiling at Treeline Enrichment

What you’ll notice right away about our distinctive approach…

Strength in Differences

Our approach honors the unique strengths and skills of all children. We embrace neurodivergent kids and their way of thinking, learning, and doing. This belief is reflected in using identity-affirming language and teaching styles.  In our therapy services, you’ll notice us focusing on the interests and strengths of each family and child. Our work is to build on these skills and use your strengths to help you thrive.

Growth Through Relationships

Building relationships and connections is at the core of everything we do. When we’re working with children, we put our attention into building the trust and sense of safety kids need to learn.  In our therapy and forest playgroups, kids build relationships and practice social interactions in real-life situations. We’re dedicated to transparent communication with all parents and offer an extra level of collaboration for families engaging in therapy services. 

Learning Through Play

Play is at the core of every session or group. When a child is motivated to learn through play, nothing can stop them — not even the expected fear when trying something new and hard.  In a beautifully simple way, play allows your child to use their strengths and find the courage to work through challenges without a second thought. 

Nature Is the Best Place to Learn

Nature offers countless opportunities for children to develop physical skills, adapt to change, and process emotions. In fact, we don’t just work and play IN the forest, we see the forest as our active partner in promoting childhood development and wellness. 

Be prepared — exploring nature can be a bit messy. In fact, we operate under the mantra — Embrace the Mess. This includes getting dirty or wet, stinky or tired. In exchange for some dirty clothes or faces, your child gets the freedom to learn and memories they never forget.

Also, you should know, our programming continues during all weather — heat, cold, rain, wind, and sun. Variable weather is a valuable part of our program opportunities, teaching kids resilience and flexibility across different conditions.

kids in puddle

Since we’re a little different, we’re a natural fit for families who think a little differently too!

We know there are priorities and values outside of standard schooling options. In fact, the flexibility and self-directed nature of homeschooling fit right into how we serve families. 

We strive to provide support and ideas that align with the needs of both homeschooling and traditional schooling choices. There are so many different ways to learn, all supported by self-directed learning and the emotional benefits of time outdoors. 

Sharing Our Values

  • Compassionate: We model care and compassion for living things and each other
  • Wonder: We seek to foster awe and curiosity for the world around us
  • Connections: Our work is grounded in social and nature connections
  • Sustainability: We show gratitude for the earth and consider sustainability in our use of materials, talents, and resources

Putting Values into Action 

Treeline leadership team

The Branches of Treeline Enrichment

Check out what we offer under our three areas of service: 

Outdoor Therapy Services are provided by licensed occupational therapy professionals who guide children from initial evaluation through targeted sessions.

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Outdoor Occupational Therapy

Forest Play Programs are provided by trained team members as enrichment and play opportunities for generalized skill development and well-being to all children. Services under this program are not occupational therapy.

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Special Events

Treeline Enrichment is a proud member of: 
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Treeline Enrichment is located in Southeast Plant City, easily accessed from Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, and surrounding areas.