Outdoor Occupational Therapy Groups

Helping Kids in Central Florida Become More Confident, Coordinated & Connected to Friends & Nature

Treeline offers a unique approach to occupational therapy services for kids! OT sessions are held outdoors, where real life situations are available.  Outdoor play, like playgrounds or nature aren’t just about fresh air — it’s about practicing the important child skills of imagination, confidence, working with others, and coordination.   Whether your child spends their day in a classroom full of kids or learning at home, meaningful social connections are an important part of the human experience.  

Once upon a time, kids learned most of their skills in the outdoors but today it takes an intentional choice to get kids out in nature’s great classroom.

Parents who choose Treeline therapy services:

🌳 Value  being outdoors 
🌳 Seek OT for a child having challenges at home or school
🌳 Don’t mind a child who comes home a little dirty and tired
🌳 Love a therapy option that is so much fun it doesn’t feel like work

Partner with us to get your child started down the path of success.


Exploring Pediatric Occupational Therapy That’s Different

Treeline Outdoor OT Groups are made up of 4-6 kids.  Groups offer rich opportunities for friendship development, leadership, and growing together.  Plus, kids are more motivated when they are around other kids.

More than skills, it’s about how good children feel afterwards – successful, smiling, and fulfilled.  

Transform with Treeline OT Groups

NEW for Spring 2023: Pop-up Therapy Groups

Single day opportunities to work towards individualized goals in a small group setting!  

Fully customized to align with ages, stages, & goals.  May include a group hike, games, snack, skills, & supported play opportunities.  

All ages, stages, and abilities.  We will learn & grow as a community and support each other’s strengths and celebrate our differences. 

A child’s parent, caregiver or trusted adult may attend with the child with advanced notification.  

Fee will vary based on length of session.  A 2-hour OT group rate is $115.  A therapy group is not childcare and not an enrichment program.  It is a skilled and supported healthcare service.

Priority registration given to current Treeline OT clients.  All kids are required to have a current OT evaluation.* 

Each group will run with a minimum of 3 attendees and is capped at 6.  Registration closes 1-week in advance of the group date. 

children hiking, some barefoot, during OT session
Occupational Therapy Assistant Student at Treeline Enrichment

All Treeline Pop-Up OT Groups Include:

✔️Individualized Therapy Goals
✔️ Skilled Therapy Services
✔️ Extended Sessions 
✔️ Nature-Inspired Interventions 
✔️ Follow-up Communication
✔️ Practical Home Extension Ideas
✔️ Small Group for Interactions, Play, and Skills  
✔️ 100% Outdoor Space

If you are not a current Treeline OT client, please schedule an informational call with Treeline to ensure a pop-up therapy group is a match for your child.  

*If you have a current OT evaluation from another Florida provider within the last 12 months, a Transfer Plan of Care Fee does not apply to single-day OT groups. Upon initiating any other OT services at Treeline, in order to fully individualize a therapy plan, a Treeline Evaluation or Transfer Plan of Care would be required.

Payment Methods: Private Pay, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Family Empowerment Scholarship.  For more information on fees, payment methods, Family Empowerment Scholarship, and Insurance Reimbursement, please email us.  You may also be eligible for a Case Grant through First Hand to help with therapy service fees.  Good Faith Estimates are available upon request and will be provided to all clients prior to their first session.

All paperwork is submitted by a HIPAA compliant account.  
Please review our Notice of Privacy Policies by Clicking HERE.

Upcoming Occupational Therapy Groups:

graphic for upcoming outdoor occupational therapy group
Mar. 17, 10-12pm
graphic for upcoming outdoor occupational therapy group
Apr 17, 4-6pm
graphic for upcoming outdoor occupational therapy group
May 17, 4-6pm
graphic for upcoming outdoor occupational therapy group
June 9, 9-11am

Past Nature-Based OT Groups:

What parents are saying:


Treeline Outdoor OT FAQ

Kids receiving OT services in groups may or may not have a diagnosis.  We require that children are able to: 

  1. Function with a 1:3 adult-to-child ratio 
  2. Stay with the group in the woods
  3. Maintain personal safety with an adult nearby not NOT always within arms reach
  4. Maintain appropriate behavior that does not endanger the safety or compromise the therapy or safety of the other children in the group.  
  5. Able to navigate the outdoor space with minimal physical support.

Group interventions are different than individual therapy services.  Our OT groups are staffed by a licensed occupational therapist and an aide.  The extended sessions allow all children to be engaged throughout the session and gives the OT time to focus on individual children to address their unique goals.  We work with parents to prioritize 1-2 goals to support during the group session.  The group is customized to support the goals of the children in that group.

Treeline OT groups are led by a licensed occupational therapist, typically have a total of 4-6 kids with a minimum 1:3 adult to child ratio, designed with increased adult support, activities target specific skills, and the sessions incorporate a variety of activities and experiences.     

TimberNook programs typically have 12-24 kids with a minimum of 1:6 adult to child ratio, they are intentionally designed with reduced adult influence, are not objective driven, and are focused on open-ended, outdoor play experiences with mixed age peers. 

Paypal, Check, Flexible Spending Accounts, and the Family Empowerment Scholarship.  

Yes, please review our individual services to learn more about 1:1 outdoor pediatric occupational therapy sessions. 

As a courtesy to you, we are a direct provider for the Family Empowerment scholarship.  

In order to run a practice that supports interactions with peers, allows for an extended time during sessions, and follows current research for best practice, Treeline OT groups are a fee-for-service program.  Although Treeline does not directly work with insurance companies, upon request we will provide you with a Superbill at the end of the service for you to submit for partial reimbursement from your insurance company.  Treeline Enrichment does not guarantee insurance reimbursement.  

We schedule groups based on therapist availability and expressed client interest.  If a group session does not fit in your schedule, we can discuss 1:1 outdoor occupational therapy sessions. 

We embrace therapy in all kinds of weather to build flexibility & resilience!  However we will continue our session under roof in high winds and thunderstorms.  

We have primitive toileting options as needed.  This includes a 5 gallon bucket toilet inside a pop up privacy tent.  We have hand sanitizer and hose water for hand washing.