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Occupational Therapy Evaluations

Skilled Sensory-Motor Assessments for Kids Ages 2+

An occupational therapy evaluation lays the foundation for our work together to help your child be their best.  Treeline Enrichment offers 3 types of occupational therapy evaluations for kids.  

Basic Evaluation:  This quick assessment is designed to ensure your child is appropriate for occupational therapy services and prioritize interventions based on parent reports and observations.  The basic assessment is built into the occupational therapy group service package.  

Standard Evaluation: Designed to give a baseline of skilled data, dedicated time for collaboration with the caregivers,  targeted priorities, and to get your child started with meaningful occupational therapy services.   

Comprehensive Evaluation:  A complete assessment that provides advanced insight, customized recommendations, and professional perspectives to guide goals and priorities for interventions.  If you are new to occupational therapy or Treeline Enrichment, this assessment is for you.  

Transfer Plan of Care: If you have a current occupational therapy evaluation that was completed within the last 12 months from a Florida OT, we can transfer your Plan of Care to Treeline Enrichment.*


  • Review of intake
  • Online questionnaires 
  • 30-minute parent call 
  • 30-minute onsite evaluation session (New Clients only)
  • Skilled observations during 1st session (current clients)
  • Goal collaboration
  • Brief summary report
  • Fee $200-$230


  • Detailed review of reports
  • Online questionnaires 
  • 30-minute parent call
  • 45 minute onsite re-evaluation session
  • 30-minute parent meeting
  • Goal collaboration
  • Summary report
  • Fee $350


  • Detailed review of intake & reports
  • Online questionnaires
  • 30-minute parent call
  • 90-120 minute onsite evaluation session
  • 60-minute parent meeting
  • Goal collaboration
  • Comprehensive report
  • $500


  • Review of intake
  • Detailed review of OT evaluation
  • Skilled Observations
  • Goal Transfer
  • Plan of Care Report
  • $100*

In the state of Florida, an OT evaluation is required prior to initiating services and a re-evaluation is due at a minimum every 12 months. 
*The Transfer Plan of Care fee is waived for new clients applying exclusively for OT Summer Camp.  The fee will apply if/when individual services or small group services are initiated. 

The Elements of Occupational Therapy Evaluation for Kids

  • Intake Paperwork & Previous Reports to understand your child’s background and unique story
  • Parent Interview Call to dive into your insights on the strengths, challenges, and concerns for your child
  • On-Site Evaluation Session to observe and assess your child’s ability, interests, and challenges so we can develop a therapy plan
  • Focused Time for your therapist to score, review, and interpret the assessment data
  • Parent Meeting to explain the evaluation scores, answer all of your questions, and ensure we are on the right path together
  • Parent Collaboration on Goal Development to make sure we target the areas that matter
  • Evaluation Report so you understand the findings, therapy plan and can share with other team members

Understanding The Evaluation Process

A good evaluation is much more than a quick 60-minute session with a therapist.  It is a well-rounded view of your child from a variety of data points, interactions, and observations.   Know what to expect and what is expected:
Easily accessible to residents across Central Florida including the Tampa Bay, Brandon, and Lakeland areas.

Payment Information: Treeline Enrichment occupational therapy is a fee-for-service provider.  We accept private pay, flexible spending accounts, and are a direct provider for the Family Empowerment Scholarship (formerly known as the Gardiner scholarship).  We will provide a paid-in-full superbill upon request for you to seek out-of-network insurance reimbursement.  We do not work directly with your insurance company.  You may also be eligible for a Case Grant through First Hand to help with therapy service fees. Good Faith Estimates are available upon request and will be provided to all clients prior to their first session.