Individual Occupational Therapy for Kids

Individual Occupational Therapy for Kids

Partnering Together to Help Your Child Thrive

Located in Plant City, Florida

Individualized OT for Kids + Parent Collaboration + Fun Forest Therapy

Treeline occupational therapy services are Ideal for:

  • Parents who want to collaborate and commit to ongoing communication
  • Children needing one-on-one support to address sensory, coordination, or social challenges
  • Families who love the organic learning opportunities available in the outdoors
  • Parents that want a therapist that understands and supports their homeschool journey

All Individual OT Services Include:

1-Hour Therapy Sessions

Regular Parent Meetings 

Written Progress Reports

Additional Services Available:

Customized, Interactive Online Platform for Ongoing Communication & Home Program Development

Unyte iLs:
▫️Integrated Listening Systems, Focus Program 
▫️The Safe and Sound Protocol

The Elements of Individual Occupational Therapy for Kids

🌳 Therapy Sessions – Fun, nature-based interventions to support your child’s unique needs and guide them towards their goals.  Aligning with a homeschooling perspective, our therapy sessions promote skills like flexibility, curiosity and problem solving.    

🌳 Parent Meetings – It’s hard to have detailed conversations at the end of a session – when everyone is rushed and your child might be listening. However, ongoing communication is the thread that ties our work in the outdoors to better outcomes at home.  That’s why we prioritize parent meetings as the dedicated time to talk through challenges, answer your questions, and collaborate to develop solutions.  Alternatively, we use parent meetings to support anyone in your child’s life including: teachers, other family members, or other therapists.  

🌳 Progress Reports – With written progress reports twice a year, you will have a clear understanding (and communication) of your child’s therapy progress.   

🌳 Optional Interactive Online Platform – Understand therapy sessions and how to work with your child at home and integrate recommendations into your daily life and/or homeschooling routine. We use an online space that’s easy and convenient so information doesn’t get lost or forgotten. Each week we provide online updates with information and photos from our sessions, customized handouts, and opportunities to make carry-over fun.   The best part is you’ll stay connected and involved in the therapy process. The ongoing communication through the platforms means you don’t need to wait a week until your next session to address a concern or clarify part of your home program. 

🌳 Optional Unyte iLs Focus Program – A clinical brain and body intervention that can meaningfully springboard progress in therapy.  It involves regular carryover at home but it is easy to integrate into your daily routines and we support you along the way!  Learn more. 

🌳 Optional Unyte iLs Safe and Sound Protocol – an evidence-based listening therapy designed to reset the nervous system and return it to safety.  The SSP has demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, and sensory processing differences.  Learn more

Accessible to families across Central Florida including the Tampa Bay, Brandon, and Lakeland areas.
occupational therapy for kids

The fee for individual OT sessions at Treeline Enrichment in Plant City, FL is $116 per session.  Services are offered September to May.  In the state of Florida, an OT evaluation is required prior to initiating OT services and a re-evaluation is due at a minimum every 12 months. 

Payment Information: Treeline Enrichment occupational therapy is a fee-for-service provider.  We accept private pay, flexible spending accounts, and are a direct provider for the Family Empowerment Scholarship.  You may be eligible for a United Healthcare Children’s Foundation Grant to help with the cost of individual therapy services.  We do not work directly with your insurance company.  We will provide a paid-in-full superbill upon request for you to seek out-of-network insurance reimbursement.  There are portions of our services that are not reimbursable by insurance so you will be responsible for the cost of these services.  Good Faith Estimates are available upon request and will be provided to all clients prior to their first session.

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