Simple Loose Parts to Inspire Play

Toys, toys, toys!  If you are like me, your home is overwhelmed with TOYS – toys with batteries, toys with a single purpose, and toys that just sit on the shelf often unused.

Play is a vital part of childhood and all children should engage in LOTS of play every day!   But some of the best play opportunities our kids can have include loose parts!

What are loose parts?  Loose parts are open ended materials that engage the mind to think creativity, problem solve, invent, and discover.  They can be moved, reused, re-purposed, and used in many ways.  The theory of loose parts was developed by Simon Nicholson in 1971.

“Imagination is the highest form of research” -Albert Einstein

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How do you use loose parts?  

  • Make them available.  I like to present them in baskets, tins, or trays!  
  • Offer an open ended statement: “I wonder what you will do with ____ today.  
  • Use loose parts to bring a favorite storybook to life.
  • Offer large and small loose parts in different ways and/or at different times.

Do you offer loose parts for play at your house?  Comment below with your favorite loose parts and creative ways your child has used loose parts!  

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