Professional Mentoring

Professional Mentoring

It’s an exciting time dreaming about launching a nature play, outdoor learning, or therapy program or service!  It can be overwhelming to figure out how to move your dream into reality.   

I understand – I have been there!  Even with access to quality books, resources, courses, and curriculum, the details of running an a outdoor play, therapy, & service can be overwhelming.  

After spending 10 months planning, training, and developing, I successfully launched a nature program bringing over 150 people to the launch event, sold out programs in the first month, and facilitated over 100 days of programming in the first year.   That second year, I expanded to offer outdoor occupational therapy services to provide even more kids the opportunity to grow & connect with nature.  

Working with a mentor can be instrumental as you develop, get started with your own systems procedures, and unique spin on the program design & services you offer.  Let’s dig in >> Together!

Therapist / Provider Mentorship Includes

  • 60-minute call
  • Individualized attention to answer your questions and springboard your next steps
  • Practical guidance that honors your unique setting and circumstance
  • Video meeting for personal connections
  • Investment:  $135 per call

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