Forest Play with Treeline Enrichment

Welcome to Treeline Enrichment for a YEAR of OUTDOOR PLAY!  This page is your one-stop-spot to find all the resources and information you need to make this year the best.  

Important Contact Information

Krystal Lockhart
Certified Play Provider
[email protected]
863.271.4519 ext. 478

Joni Stow
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Angela Rosenburg
[email protected]
863.271.4519 ext. 225

Program Days and Times

Tiny Ones Playgroup
Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30

Going Wild 
Fridays, 9:00-1:00

*Your program staff will upload a few photos every week into the shared photo album.  Only kids with photo/video release will be included in these albums.  Check back often and look through the photos with your child to hear their stories too.

Links & Resources

Payments & Invoices

You paid a non-refundable deposit during registration.  As described at that time, the remaining balance will be split across 7 invoices. Invoices will be sent at the beginning of months October-April.  Invoices must be paid by the 9th of the month to remain enrolled.

  • Annual fee for Going Wild is $1186*, minus the $210 deposit, equals $976/7= 7 equal payments of $139.43
  • Annual fee for Tiny Ones is $598*, minus the $160 deposit, equals $438/7= 7 equal payments of $62.57

*prorated invoices will be made available for families joining mid year

Please be sure to review the Treeline Cancellation-Policy as all payments are non-refundable

Preparing for Your First Week

If it’s your first day with us or your 45th, new routines & new people can bring excitement and nerves.  We honor each child’s feelings and aim to help them feel safe and comfortable in their own time and in their own way.  To help your child prepare for their first day: 

  1. Watch this 5-minute video, A TimberNook Day at Treeline
  2. Read the Welcome Packet together, notice the toilet photo
  3. Prepare your child’s bag together (use this list).  
  4. Check out the site map
Forest Play Rules
Packing list for nature play
Packing List
Simple Treeline Site Map
Site Map

It’s okay if your child is still nervous.  It’s okay if you are still nervous.  If you are a part of Little Wild Ones or Going Wild and the drop-off transition feels scary, here are some ideas to consider. 

  • You can stay in your car or enjoy the chairs in the barn during the program
  • You can ask your Certified Play Guide to text you an update part way through the program the first day
  • You can join your child for Welcome Circle the first day 
  • Kids in early childhood may enjoy Daniel Tiger, Season 4, Episode 12 “Grown Ups Come Back”.  Here is the song from the episode. 

If your child feels sad during the program, the Treeline team will join your child,  honor their feelings, and offer comfort via proximity to an adult, a walk around the play space, a food/water break, storybooks, and more.  If your child continues to feel sad we will text/call the parent to make a collaborative decision on what might be best for the child.  

What to Wear

Comfortable kids equals happy kids.  We recommend dry fit, long sleeve shirts, hiking pants, and non-cotton socks because they help our kids to stay dry, cool, and comfortable.  Plus it helps to keep the bugs away & cuts down on the need for sunscreen and bug spray .  These Amazon Affiliate links are merely suggestions.  When you buy from these links, we get a very (very) small kick back (at no additional cost to you).  You can also find similar items locally at Thrift Stores and between friends.  We will have a limited number of Treeline “Play Wild” long sleeve, dry fit shirts ($25 youth, $30 adult) available for purchase the first few weeks.  

Long sleeve, dry fit shirt

Fast drying hiking pants

Wool or synthetic socks

Wide hat

Other Gear We Recommend

Kids Zipped Backpack

32 Oz Water Bottle

Cooling Neck Wrap

Camp Towel

1-Piece Rain Suit

Rain Jacket + Pants

Thermal Under Layers

Waterproof Gloves

Outdoor School Shop has generously offered a 15% discount for all Treeline families!  Follow this link: https://outdoorschoolshop.com/schools/treeline-enrichment/ and use code: TREELINE for 15% off your entire full price order!

6 Core Philosophies of Forest Play at Treeline

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