Welcome to Treeline Enrichment NATURE-BASED occupational therapy!  This page is your one-stop-spot to find all the resources and information you need to make the most of our work & collaboration together.  

Important Contact Information

Angela Rosenburg
Owner, Occupational Therapist
[email protected]
863.271.4519 ext. 225

Joni Stow
[email protected]

Martyna Boruta
Occupational Therapy Assistant
[email protected]
863.271.4519 ext. 610

Service Days and Times

OT services are offered between September and May with scheduled breaks during Thanksgiving, Winter & Spring Breaks. Additional Specialized Summer Camps or Therapy Intensives may be offered in June.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Client Portal

Sign in to your client portal to view invoices, check your individual schedule & review or update paperwork.

Don’t forget to Book your Virtual Parent Meetings!

Parent meetings are dedicated calls to focus attention and ensure all of your questions or concerns are addressed.  These calls can be used to connect with a variety of people in your child’s life, including parents, teachers, and/or other therapists.  Individual clients are reminded and encouraged to schedule a consultation call every 5 sessions, at no additional cost. Additional a-la-carte calls can be added at any time.  

Links & Resources

Cancellation Policy

Preparing for Your First Session

If it’s your first day with us or 5th month, new routines & new people can bring excitement and nerves.  We honor each child’s feelings and aim to help them feel safe and comfortable in their own time and in their own way.  To help your child prepare for their first session: 

  1. Read the Welcome Packet together with your child
  2. Prepare your child’s bag together
  3. Check out the site map
  4. Look through the site photos below

We welcome caregivers to join individual sessions every week.  During therapy groups, a trusted caregiver is welcomed to join the session with advance notice.  

If your child is participating in a therapy group and you hope to drop off your child and he/she is feeling nervous, that is okay. It’s also okay if you are feeling nervous.  New transitions can feel scary, here are some ideas to consider. 

  • You can stay in your car or enjoy the chairs in the barn during the therapy session
  • You can ask your Therapist or Group Assistant to text you an update part way through the session the first day
  • Some kids may enjoy Daniel Tiger, Season 4, Episode 12 “Grown Ups Come Back”.  Here is the song from the episode. 
  • You can join the group session and slowly fade into the background.

If your child feels sad during therapy sessions, your therapist or group assistant will join your child, honor their feelings, and offer comfort via proximity to an adult, a walk around the session space, an activity break, storybooks, and more.  If your child continues to feel sad we will text/call the parent to make a collaborative decision on what might be best for the child.  

Basic site map of Treeline woods
Site Map
Packing List
image of "the cove" area of the Treeline woods
The Cove
Treeline site, grand oak tree with picnic tables
Grand Oak Tree Area
Treeline site - seasonal creek
Hallow Creek Area
image of the ridge in the front play area at Treeline Enrichment
Front Play Area
Treeline open air pole barn
Barn Area
Treeline site = stump circle with fire pit
Back Play Area
Treeline site - rows of Pine trees
Pine Tree Area
Treeline parking field
Parking Field

What to Wear

We recommend dry fit, long sleeve shirts, hiking pants, and non-cotton socks because they help our kids to stay dry, cool, and comfortable.  Plus it helps to keep the bugs away & cuts down on the need for sunscreen and bug spray .  These Amazon Affiliate links are merely suggestions.  When you buy from these links, we get a very (very) small kick back (at no additional cost to you).  You can also find similar items locally at Thrift Stores and between friends.  We have a limited number of Treeline “Play Wild” long sleeve, dry fit shirts ($25 youth, $30 adult) available for purchase the first few weeks.  

Long sleeve, dry fit shirt

Fast drying hiking pants

Wool or synthetic socks

Optional Wide hat

Other Gear We Recommend

Kids Zipped Backpack

32 Oz Water Bottle

Cooling Neck Wrap

Compact Camp Towel

1-Piece Rain Suit

Rain Jacket + Pants

Thermal Under Layers

Waterproof Gloves

Outdoor School Shop has generously offered a 15% discount for all Treeline families!  Follow this link: https://outdoorschoolshop.com/schools/treeline-enrichment/ and use code: TREELINE for 15% off your entire full price order!

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