Nature Play & Therapy Provider Resources

We are excited to share some of the materials and resources we have found most beneficial as we got started and continue our outdoor play-based enrichment programs & outdoor OT services.  


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Therapy Backpack Gear

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As an Amazon Associate we earn a small percentage from your purchase through these links, at no additional cost to you. All funds go directly back into providing quality resources and materials for the kids in our programs.  

Other Helpful Tips

  • YNAB (You Need a Budget) is a GAME CHANGER for taking control of your income and telling it where to go in your business!  It’s incredibly easy to use, syncs with your phone, and you can also use it for your family too.  Click HERE to get a free month (and I get a free month too)!
  • Canva is an amazing web-based design program to create social media images, marketing materials, and so much more.  Use THIS LINK and we both get a free design credit!  
  • Sticker Mule is AWESOME for business swag like buttons, magnets, & stickers.  Super easy to use, quick turn-around, and great quality.  Sign up for their e-mails to get regular discounts.  Click HERE and we both get $10 credit on our next order!
  • Flodesk makes email marketing a breeze!  I used Mailchimp for a long time but it always felt cumbersome.  I was hesitant to pay for a mail management service, but Flodesk’s simple platform, beautiful templates, and intuitive system has made the $20 a month a no-brainier.  HOURS of saved time, a better customer experience, and simpler automatons.  Click HERE – you get 50% off for life (making it $19/month) and I get a $19 credit.
  • JotForm for all online forms, intake paperwork, evaluation reports, product purchases, staff contracts, and more.  Very robust but also user friendly.  HIPAA compliance is an option.  Integrates with so many things.  I switched from Google Forms to JotForm and the monthly fee has been 100% worth it.  Click here to use a referral link.