Nature Play & Therapy Provider Resources

We are tested a trialed a wide range of supplies to support nature play programs and outdoor occupational therapy.  We have curated this list to save you valuable TIME by highlighting our favorites and the things we have actually bought and continue to use.  


Comprehensive First Aid Kit

Extra Ice Packs

Utility Wagon

Pop-Up Changing Tent

Bucket Toilet Seat

Fire Extinguisher

Extra Bandaids

Toilet Bags

Waterproof Tarps


Site Development

Tree Straps

Slack Line

Privacy Shades

Kids Wheelbarrow

Kids Picnic Tables

18″ Cones


Plastic Clipboards

Climbing Ladder

Web Swing

Climbing Rope


Ninja Line – Double

Climbing Net

Zip Line

Disc Swing

Rock Climbing Holds

Ninja Line – Single


Wooden Mallet

Cardboard Knife

Short Shovel

Wire Saw

Stubby Hammer

Knot Tying Guide

Fire Starting

Multi-Purpose Knife

Kindling Cracker

Activity Supplies

5″ Balls

Mini Compass

Glow Face Paint

UV Flashlights

30′ UV Flashlight

Tie Die Kit

Kaolin Clay Powder

Liquid Water Color


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As an Amazon Associate we earn a small percentage from your purchase through these links, at no additional cost to you. All funds go directly back into providing quality resources and materials for the kids in our programs.  

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  • JotForm for all online forms, intake paperwork, evaluation reports, product purchases, staff contracts, and more.  Very robust but also user friendly.  HIPAA compliance is an option.  Integrates with so many things.  I switched from Google Forms to JotForm and the monthly fee has been 100% worth it.  Click here to use a referral link.